[Shihei -DEATH CASH-] Short Summary and Jurina’s Interview

Summary What is the most scariest thing in the modern society? That thing is “money”. Essentially, money is what gives happiness to people. Person without money wishes for money because without money there is only troubles and suffering. At such a time, all of a sudden if you are given large amount of money…? Will […]

(ENG) Jurina’s 10 goals

Jurina’s 10 Goals えーとですね、ちょっとこんな予定じゃなかったんで、こんなボロボロになる予定じゃなかったんで、楽しもうと思って、ちょっとこれから次の生誕祭までの目標を10個紙に書いてきたんですよ。だからちょっとそれ取ってくるね。ちょっと待ってて」 Wait, I didn’t plan to be this teary eyed, but I have these 10 goals till my next birthday ceremony that I want to achieve. I had it written it down: 松井珠理奈「お待たせしました。まず1つ目」 Thanks for waiting. Firstly: ① 髪の毛を伸ばす 1. Grow my hair long ② 友達を作る!! 2. Make friends!! メンバー「はい!はい!」 Members: Yes! […]