Thank You Message

To all Jurina fans

This is Jyuritale. We would like to say thank you to everyone who voted and supported Matsui Jurina. And of course we would like to give a big thank to all people who joined our project. Thank you for your trust. We're really appreciate. All of donation was used for Jurina 100%.

In this year support project, the total amount of donation is "$8,540.81 USD"
(approximately ฿269,176.78 THB / ¥921,227.70 JPY)

**Note : depending on the currency exchange rate on 14 June 2018

We received donation in 3 different currencies which are Thai Baht/ US Dollar and Japanese Yen, so there will be instability of exchange rate. Please understand us in this point. And also, there is transferring fee when sending money which we trying to take responsibility of all the fee for you to make sure that all donation is fully used for Jurina 100%.

In this year, we managed money in 2 ways, which are we bought codes for vote by ourselves and we joined with Jurina Chinese Fanbase just like last year that we sent them money to buy votes because they can find better deal to get cheaper price per vote near the deadline.

For Jyuritale part, we got “380 Votes
(85,172 THB for 370 votes and 85 USD for 10 votes // approximately 700 yen per vote in average)

And we transferred all remaining money to Jurina Chinese Fanbase
(39,106.50 THB and 2,323.79 USD and 140,942 JPY)

With the result we got approximately 685.4 Votes
(approximately 770 yen per vote in average)

In summary this year's project, we got 1065 Votes


Money Transfer Receipt on Paypal (We take responsibility for all the fee)
Transaction on June 11, 2018

------  39,106.50 Thai Baht 


------  2,323.79 US Dollar


------ 140,942 Japanese Yen



We're willing to reveal all serial number that we used for vote and let everyone to check them. (^^)

Thank you for all who supports Jurina
We hope this year will be Jurina's year