Candidacy Acceptance : 23 March 2018 (17:00) - 27 March 2018 (23:59) (JST)

Ranking :

・Senbatsu:16 members(1st - 16th)
・Under Girls:16 members(17th - 32nd)
・Next Girls:16 members(33rd - 48th)
・Future Girls:16 members(49th - 64th)
・Up-coming Girls:16 members(65th - 80th)
・10th World Section:20 members(81th - 100th)

Voting Period : 2018.05.29 (10:00) ~ 2018.06.15 (15:00) JST

Preliminary Result : 30 May 2018

Final Result : 16 June 2018

AKB48 52nd Single「Teacher Teacher」(Single for vote) :

・Released Date :  30 May 2018
Senbatsu Members : Kato Rena, Mukaichi Mion, Yokoyama Yui, Kojima Mako, Komiyama Haruka, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kubo Satone, Takahashi Juri, Fukuoka Seina, Okada Nana, Murayama Yuiri, Yamauchi Mizuki, Okabe Rin, Oguri Yui (c), Matsui Jurina, Obata Yuna, Suda Akari, Yamamoto Ayaka, Yamamoto Sayaka, Shiroma Miru, Yoshida Akari, Sashihara Rino, Yabuki Nako, Miyawaki Sakura, Matsuoka Hana, Ogino Yuka, Nakai Rika, Takino Yumiko

Source : AKB48 53th Senbatsu Sousenkyo Official Website

AKB48 53rd Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo


Matsui Jurina Sousenkyo Support Project 2018

                    In this year, we also join our project with other Jurina's communities fan project. Same as last year, it's going to be 'Support Fund-Raising Project'. Jurina's oversea fans can join with us. We open to accept donation by Paypal (for everyone) and local banking (for Thai fans), and combine all fund with Chinese fans to buy votes.

Schedule Schedule

        Donation Period (Round 1) : 2018.04.11 ~ 2018.05.21
Donation Period (Round 2) : 2018.05.22 ~ 2018.06.09

Donation Payment

                             (Paypal) - $USD or ¥JPY
                                               (please send as 'Send to friends and family' to avoid the fee)
                  (SCB Account)    218-241569-4 (Name: CHISSANUCHA J.) - Thai Baht

    please inform your donation by filling this   Confirmation form

    Please email us, if you have any question : (English / Thai)
or send Direct message via Twitter @jyuritale

    We expect your support and looking forward you all to join with us.

         f24d51             JYURITALE


Voting Methods Voting Methods

***Example Photo is from previous year***

There are many ways to vote, the easiest for foreigners is CODE VOTE from AKB48 Single

AKB48 Official Fanclub MembershipAKB48 Group MobileAKB48 Group MailAKB48 Official App MembershipAKB48 Group LIVE!! ON DEMANDAKB OFFICIAL NET MemberAKB48 52nd Single「Teacher Teacher」


AKB48 Official Fanclub Website (Nihonbashira no Kai)

Price : 1st year 1480 yen (following years 630 yen/year)

Note : some international credit card might not work

How to register?

Special Thanks to Misaki  for the tutorial

AKB48 Mobile SKE48 Mobile
NMB48 Mobile HKT48 Mobile
NGT48 Mobile

Price : 324 yen/month

Have to use Japanese number

so, this method is hard for international fans

AKB48 Mail SKE48 Mail
NMB48 Mail HKT48 Mail
NGT48 Mail

Price : 324 yen/month

Have to use Japanese number

so, this method is hard for international fans

AKB48 Iphone App

Price : 300 yen/month

Foreigners can register to receive update or news from AKB48, but for vote, you have to verify by Japanese number


Price : 3066 yen/month (1 vote from 1 month subscriber)

Japan only (must use Japanese VPN)



Price : 1480 yen

Japan only (must use Japanese Internet Service)

How can I get the vote tickets?

Code for vote will be given in AKB48 52nd Single「Teacher Teacher」

3 Editions : Limited (Type : A,B,C)/ Regular (Type : A,B,C)/ Theater Edition

How can I buy Limited/ Regular Edition?

Foreigners can buy the single from online store

Price : 1646 Yen

Online Shopping (provide International Shipping service)

Amazon HMV CD Japan

How can I buy Theater Edition?

You have to register for individual handshake event or choose 2 bonus photos instead on akb48.chara-ani website

Price : 1028 Yen

AKB48 Chara-ani

What is the difference of Limited, Regular and Theater

Limited Regular Theater
Price 1646 Yen 1646 Yen 1028 Yen
Disc CD+DVD CD+DVD only CD
Code for Vote 1 1 1
Random Bonus Photo yes yes
Other Event Ticket Handshake Ticket

I already have a vote ticket, how to vote?

How to Vote

***This is an example from previous year

STEP 1. go to website

STEP 2. click チームから検索

STEP 3. click on SKE48 チーム S

STEP 4. look for and click 松井 珠理奈

STEP 5. you will see this page (please make sure that it is Jurina’s page)
Then, fill your serial number (8 digits per row / 2 rows) from 44th Single
please double check your code that you filled again and then click VOTE!

STEP 6. It’s done!