Thank You Message

We need to say THANK YOU to all fans who voted and supported Jurina.

and Thank you for everyone who trusted us and joined this project.


We guaranteed that all the donation has been used worthily.

The total amount of donation is 3,113.089 US Dollar (105,055.75 THB or 387,856.15 JPY)

Note : depending on the currency exchange rate on 4 June

We've done our best to find vote tickets as much as possible.

This amount of donation can afford 479 votes for Jurina.

to make it beautiful, JYURITALE is willing to take responsibility for the rest. (^^)

Therefore, our total votes from the project is... 500 votes! [each code cost approximately 800 yen (average)]



We're willing to show all the code that we used for vote and allow everyone to check them. (^^)

We know that 500 is not much. However, no matter what kind of the result will come out, we'll go forward.

We'll always support Jurina and stand by her side.


"I'll be fine because there are many people supporting me.

Now, I'm really happy, just there are people encourage me, that's enough"

Matsui Jurina's 755


If Jurina's happiness is encouragement from her fans, our happiness is 'Jurina'.


"on 6 June, hoping to meet everyone with a smile (^^)"

Matsui Jurina's Google+

Don't forget that the Sousenkyo result will be announced on 6 June,

let's wait for the result together (^∀^)ノ