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Name : Matsui Jurina (松井珠理奈)

Nickname :

  • Jurina (じゅりな) : Used on official website
  • Juritan (じゅりたん) : Jurina uses in her blog
  • Juribou (じゅりぼう) : Masana uses / Jurina uses as the name of her 755
  • Jucchan (じゅっちゃん) : Mainly used in Oshima Team K / Some SKE48 members, such Manatsu
  • Juririn (じゅりりん) : Milky uses

Birthday : March 8th, 1997

Blood Type : B

Birthplace : Aichi, Japan

B/W/H : 78/60/85

Height : 163.0 cm

Shoes' size : 24.5 cm

Team : Team S (SKE48)

Generation : SKE48 1st generation (Debuted on June 2008)

Color : Orange-Green (from Team S and K colors)

Agency : Irving

Hobbies : Dance, Cooking, Sports (Pro-wrestling), Making pastries

Special skills : Animal sound imitating, Dajare, 100m running, Pulling table cloth

Dreams : Actress

Favorite food : Mother's spaghetti meat sauce 

Phrase : 人と比べるんじゃなくて、自分は自分/ Hito to kuraberun janakute, jibun wa jibun (Don’t compare yourself with other people, yourself is yourself : อย่าเปรียบเทียบตนเองกับผู้อื่น เพียงแค่แข่งกับตัวเองก็พอแล้ว)

Catchphrase :

  • Team S : 1,2,3,4 ご一緒に 6,7,8,9,じゅうりな~/ichi, ni, san, shi, go-issho ni, roku, ni, hachi,ku, juurina~ (1,2,3,4let’s go together 6,7,8,9 Jurina~!). 

    • Nakanishi Team S changed to be やっぱり,S がエース! /yappari, S ga eesu! (Dajare the sound S from Team S and S (the act) )

    • Miyazawa Team S changed back

  • Team K : 体育会KチームK、唯一のJK、松井珠理奈です!!  Taiikukai K, team K, yuitsu no JK, Matsui Jurina desu! (the only high school girl in macho team K, I’m Matsui Jurina!).

    • Changed after AKB48 shuffle in Tokyo Dome 2013 to be 育会KチームK のJK、松井珠理奈です!/ Taiikukai K, team K no JK, Matsui Jurina desu!

    • Yokoyama Team K changed back 

Update : 9/5/2016