Jyuritale is…?

                    This site is for support "Matsui Jurina" (SKE48 Team S) and gathering her information briefly. I will emphasize supporting her in AKB48 General Election by 'Sousenkyo Project'. 

                    The site was developed from facebook group (Jurina Sousenkyo 2014) that created for Jurina's fans in Thailand talking generally and briefly in AKB48 Sousenkyo, and to continuously support Matsui Jurina in the near future, I decided to establish this site officially

                    After this website open officially, I'm trying to make it more international to approach Jurina's fans all around the world who have the same objective as me which is 'supporting Matsui Jurina'.

Jurina's purpose in the next Sousenkyo

 "My next dream is to get the 1st place in the general election!"

Matsui Jurina - SKE48 Team S


 Then! Let's make Jurina's dream become true together! ^^


Officially Open : 14/12/2014