(EN) [755] Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.26

Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.26 Good morning~ 👋😆✨☀ Today, I’m taking it easy💛   F: Apricot jam is good too~ but it’s too minor 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 (ie. doesn’t sound as good as other fruits) J: I like apricots 💓♥❤   Everybody, thank you for all the jam candidates 😌😌😌  I’ll reference them~❤❤❤ I want to make them all~🎵 […]

(EN) [755] Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.25

Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.25 Good morning 💛 Today too let’s do our best 😉😉❤   F: What are you doing? (^o^) J: I’m in the middle of going somewhere😣  I’m sleepy😪💤💤   F: It’s hard~💦😖💦  Is it true that if you don’t become 1st place you will have to ride a roller coaster 🎢 with your […]

(EN) [755] Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.24

Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.24 Good morning 🎵🎵🎵   F: Jurina-chan😁 Good morning ☀ Are you awake? J: I’m awake 😆   F: Jurina~💟 Next week, I’m going to the Tokyo handshake event~💟 「from Shiori」💟 J: Nice~😉 I’ll be waiting 💛   F: Cute cute cute Jurina-chan good morning (*´∀`)♪ Today I have work too so I want you […]

(EN) [755] Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.23

Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.23 Good Morning 😂 Sl…ee…py… 😪😪😪💤💤💤   F: Jucchan 😚💕 Did you put extensions❔ J: They weren’t extensions 😥 They were fake hair that you could put on with a pin and take off 😉   F: Jurina are you in Kyoto now!? I can’t go to the handshake event, but just hearing you came […]

(EN) [755] Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.22

Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.22 F: Are you awake? Good morning. J: I woke up✨ Good morning 😆   F: Jurina good morning~~~ (*^^*) Let’s do our best today!!! J: Let’s do our best~ 😉😉😉   F: Jurina, did you already decide your hairstyle for today’s Music Station❔💗🙌 J: I’m still hesitating hehe    F: How about […]

(EN) [755] Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.21

Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.21 F: Good morning Jurina. Lets work hard today too!! J: Good morning✨ Your lovely drawing (avatar) makes me happy 😆   F: Good morning (^O^) Today Pisces-san (the constellation) said 『The chance to change yourself has arrived. Be aware and make a detailed plan for your future.』♪ One more time, from this strong morning let’s […]

(EN) [Interview] 2015 Sousenkyo Guide Book

This year I will show off Nagoya’s spirit! At the Seitansai she made a declaration to be #1 as quickly as possible. So what is her real intentions? On March 8th of this year, at the SKE48 theater in Nagoya on her 18th seitansai, Matsui Jurina declared in a loud voice “I will become #1 […]