(EN) [Blog] Matsui Jurina Official Blog – 2015.05.21 「Preliminary result☆Jyuritan」

「Preliminary result ☆ Jyuritan」 こんばんは!! Good Evening!! 今日は、チームS公演でした(^^) It was Team S stage performance today (^^) やりきったよー☆ I did it ー☆ 公演後に総選挙の速報発表があったので、ドキドキでした(>_<) Since there was the preliminary result for sousenkyo after the stage performance, my heart was pounding (>_<) 結果は、4位!! The result was, 4th place!! たくさんの応援、ありがとうございます(^^) Thank you very much for the huge amount of […]