Hello all Jurina’s fans ! Hello all Jurina’s fans !

Matsui Jurina’s 22nd birthday is coming on March 8th, 2019.
In this year, we have some budget left from donation support when Jurina came to Thailand last December.
Therefore, we'd like to use some to do 'cup sleeve giveaway' for Thai fans, and 'birthday message' as we always do.

 What we gonna do this year? What we gonna do this year?
        [ message book / cup sleeve giveaway (in Thailand) ]

        Message Rules :    - English / Japanese
                                        - Maximum words 100 words (ENG) / 70 Characters (JP)
                                        - Write politely and properly

    Submit your message on website : jyuritale.com/22nd-birthday-project/

Schedule Schedule
    Message submission Period :  2019.02.02 ~ 2019.02.22

    Social Media Trending : #JurinaHappyPill  #HappyJurinaDay

    Please email us, if you have any question : voteforjurina@gmail.com (English / Thai)

    We expect your support and looking forward you all to join us.


Concept & Style

     For this year, we come with the concept "Happy Pill" to give Jurina energy and cheer her up.

Send your message

     Tweet you message with hashtag #JurinaHappyPill, we will go through all tweets in tag and gather messages.