Hello all Jurina’s fans ! Hello all Jurina’s fans !

    Matsui Jurina’s 21st birthday is coming on March 8th, 2018.
    This year also, we'd like to do something as a gift to Jurina and we need your support.

 What we gonna do this year? What we gonna do this year?
        [ message book / some other special gifts (?) ]

        Message Rules :    - English / Japanese
                                        - Maximum words 100 words (ENG) / 70 Characters (JP)
                                        - Write politely and properly

    Submit your message on website : jyuritale.com/21st-birthday-project/

    For this year, as we don't have time to plan about the project, we decided to make it in a simple way as we've done before. Which is a meesage book. And we think this is the best way that Jurina's fans outside Japan are able tell her their feeling.

Schedule Schedule
    Message submission Period :  2018.01.26 ~ 2018.02.16

    If anyone would like to donate for this project, you can donate by Paypal
    Donation Payment : voteforjurina@gmail.com (Paypal)
    please confirm payment by sending us email with your name / payment time / amount of money to voteforjurina@gmail.com with email title 'Birthday Support'

    Social Media Trending : (TBA)

    Please email us, if you have any question : voteforjurina@gmail.com (English / Thai)

    We expect your support and looking forward you all to join us.


Concept & Style

This year birthday project will be called " Dear. Jurina We have an idea about sending message as a letter, so the usually word when writing a letter will be "Dear......". We will print out your message on paper individually and put them in saparate envelop, collect them all together in a box, then sending to Jurina.




Project Update

2018-01-26 : Started Project
2018-02-16 : Close for accepting messages
2018-02-20 : Preparing tools
2018-03-02 : Printing all messages
2018-03-10~ : Start working on letters and sealing envelops
2018-03-28 : Finished sealing
2018-04-02 : Packing
2018-04-03 : Ready to deliver
---------- waiting for Jurina's Birthday Stage announcement, but no update ---------
2018-06-11 : Shipping to Jurina's agency (Irving)