Hello all Jurina’s fans ! Hello all Jurina’s fans !

    Matsui Jurina’s birthday is coming on March 8th, 2017.
    It’s gonna be a very special birthday for Jurina turning 20 years old.
    To give Jurina a memorable 20 years-old birthday, we need your support.

 What we gonna do this year? What we gonna do this year?
        ( message book / diary-notebook / calendar card / some other special gifts )

        Message Rules :    - English / Japanese
                                         - Maximum words 70 words (ENG) / 140 Characters (JP)
                                         - Write politely and properly

    Submit your message on website : jyuritale.com/20th-birthday-project/

    For this year, we will open accepting donation for the fund.
    All funds will be used for creating the book, Diary and buy some gifts.

Schedule Schedule
    Donation Period : 2017.01.07 ~ 2017.02.28
    Message submission Period : 2017.01.09 ~ 2017.02.09

    Donation Payment : voteforjurina@gmail.com (Paypal)
                                        218-214569-4 (SCB account for Thai : CHISSANUCHA J.)

    please confirm payment by sending us email with your name / payment time / amount of money to voteforjurina@gmail.com with email title 'Birthday Support'

    Social Media Trending : #HappyJurina20thBD on Twitter

    Please email us, if you have any question : voteforjurina@gmail.com (English / Thai)

    We expect your support and looking forward you all to join us.




Concept & Style

          This year project, we come up with concept "STAY WITH JYU" ,
          which is combination between the words 'stay with you' and 'Jurina' to tell Jurina that we always stays by her side.

          And inside the book, all messages will be organize in TWITTER  format style.


Donation & Gifts

          As we open to accept donation support this year, we would like to explain clearly about what we going to use your money for.
                    1. To create the message book and diary notebook (main project)
                    2. To buy some gifts : As there is a rule that we can't give something that cost more than 10,000 Yen to 48 members, the total amount of gifts that we gonna buy will be less than 10,000 Yen for sure. (for what gift is still be discussing, but it will be something useful)
                    3. To pay for shipping fee to Japan : for this year our staff can't go to Japan to deliver project as last year, so we need to pay for shipping.

                    4. After we finished this birthday project, if there is still some money left, we will save it and provide all of it for Sousenkyo project.

          To appreciate who donate for supporting us in this project, all donors' name will be listed on 'SUPPORTER' page in the book.





Project Update

          2017-01-07 : Started Project
          2017-01-09 : Open for accepting messages
          2017-01-17 : Update Visual Model Book on Twitter
          2017-02-05 : Working on handmade notebook
          2017-02-09 : Closed for accepting messages
          2017-02-14~ : Working on pages arrangement / design inside the book
          2017-02-19 : Ordered T-shirt
          2017-02-20 : Contact to a publishing company for printing
          2017-02-26 : Finished printing
          2017-03-01 : Last check on everything
          2017-03-03 : Packing for delivery
          2017-03-04 : Shipping to Japan
          2017-05-31 : Jurina received the message book project on her birthday stage

                                                                                                                     (the 2nd gray color book on the right of table)


Financial Report

Donation Support : +1557 Baht (Special Thanks to Alexis, Ang Chun Wei, Bettina, Monique)
Message Book / Notebook / Calendar Cards / T-Shirt : -1019 Baht

Shipping fee (EMS) : -1168 Baht
Total : - 630 Baht
(Jyuritale took responsibility on this amount willingly)