(EN) [Speech] Matsui Jurina at 2017 AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo

燃えさせてくれて、 本当にありがとうございます。なのでこのままでは終われません。
来年も一緒に戦いましょう! それぐらいの気持ちでいます。
私もその期待に応えていけるように これからの48グループを、
いや、なります! 最後に言わせてください。投票してくださった皆さん、

「First of all, to all of you everyone who has voted for me, truly, thank-you very much!
To be honest, this is frustrating! Aahh, so regrettable! However, to the two ladies who are ranked above me:
for firing up my motivation once more, I truly thank-you very much.
With that, it will not end here like this. Ladies, let’s battle together next year as well!
I’m present with that mindset (fired up to that extent). Alright, As for me, I was an 11-year-old in sixth grade
when I joined the group, and now I’m participating in this election after turning 20-years-old.
Before I realized it, I, who had hoisted a red ransel* and worn a yellow cap**, had become an adult.
The reason I am now able to be here like this, in this place, is honestly because 48G is very important to me.
I believe that this group that was created and protected by my beloved senpais,
must continue to be protected by our generation from now on.
In SSK, it’s of course this case as well, but we are always being supported by all of you the fans.
Therefore, from now on, in order to protect the group as well, the support from all the fans will be needed.
From now on, no matter what happens and where we may all be,
it’d be great if you could lend us your strength like this.
I too, in order to answer to those expectations,
would like to become someone who is able to make everyone enthusiastic about the 48G,

as well as about future elections. No, I actually will become someone like that!
Also, really right now, the fact that I’m able to stand here like this, is such happiness!
I’m filled with gratitude. From the bottom of my heart, to all of you everyone who have supported us,
thank-you so much! And finally, please allow me to say this: to all those who have voted,
as well as everyone viewing this and supporting us from in front of the TV, I LOVE YOU ALLLLL~~~!!!」

English Translation : RHORY

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