[Shihei -DEATH CASH-] Short Summary and Jurina’s Interview



What is the most scariest thing in the modern society? That thing is “money”. Essentially, money is what gives happiness to people. Person without money wishes for money because without money there is only troubles and suffering. At such a time, all of a sudden if you are given large amount of money…? Will you use it? Or not?

The drama name “Shihei” which means death cash is about a cursed 10,000 yen note which when obtain by a person ends up with a mysterious death. One day, college student Minami Yuka’s (Matsui Jurina) friend dies mysteriously. The dead body is surrounded by a pile of 10,000 yen notes, and on the notes Fukuzawa Yukichi’s eyes have black smudges on them. After that the people around Yuka falls into the curse of “Shihei”. As Yuka continues to experience her colleagues and friends dying mysteriously, along with police detective Wakamoto (Totsugi Shigeyuki), she starts to notice certain things. Will Yuka be able to run from the fate of death?



Q: Matsui Jurina’s role is?
Yuka is college student who has sort of an ability similar to sixth sense, and for the sake of saving her cursed friends she will be working along side Totsugi-san’s character, police detective Wakamoto to solve the mystery. I, too as a member of SKE48, am constantly thinking about other members so I could relate to Yuka’s character concerning her friends. This is my first time portraying a college student so it is different from what I have played until now and I am happy to be given an opportunity to do something like this.

Q: Please tell us about your enthusiasm for this drama.
It’s like I am the center of this drama, so I will do my best! The drama will be on the slot of my big senior Maeda Atsuko-san’s drama “Busujima Yuriko no Sekirara Nikki” so I feel happy but also a bit of pressure. I want to do my best so as to not lose to Maeda-san. I have also gotten encouragement and advice from Maeda-san. As an actress I still have a long way to go to reach the seniors who have more experience, so I really want to reach that place.

Q: Is horror your strong point?
I am bad with horror. (laughs) After this drama was decided, there was a 10,000 yen note in my purse that I didn’t remember having and I got scared thinking it was cursed.

Q: Please tell us things for which we should look forward to.
This drama has lots of human relations, it brings in the concept of human strength and weaknesses, so there are also lots of scenes that is likely to bring a sympathetic response. Furthermore, its a drama that will make you feel that while there is importance of money, there are also things that are much more precious. People who are thinking of wanting to save should definitely watch this! I’m pretty sure, they will get scared when using money. (laughs)

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