[Discussion] Matsui Jurina’s 19th Birthday

Hi! Jurina’s fans

As last year, we made a message book for the Jurina 18th Birthday project. (see the project)

For this year, I opened this post for you all to discuss how is this year project going to be. Honestly, I have no idea what will gonna do, so please feel free to brainstorm your idea at the comment below.

One thing that I can figure out now is open donation and buy some stuffs (that’s useful) then send to Jurina as a gift. It can be handmade or inexpensive stuffs because 48 has very strict rules of sending gift to member. One of them is the price of stuffs can not be higher than 10,000 or 20,000 Yen (I’m not sure about that). BUT this idea is quite narrow, as I can buy only things from my country.

If anyone has any other ideas, please comment! ><


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  1. Maybe a “gift” or something about each country of every fan would be nice.. like a postcard or maybe send her flower with the name of this fanclub…

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