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– Congratulations on 7th anniversary! First please tell us about feelings right now.

lif0001-p2Masana: 7th anniversary is here and wow it came so fast, if I thinkabout it a lot of things have happened in the 7 years, SKE has steadily evolved as we have become big group in Nagoya, we have so many juniors, I want SKE to keep evolving and later catch up with AKB with all our mightlif0001-p3

Jurina: I didn’t think we would reach 7th year with only 2 first gens. Last year in our 6th anniversary, there still 5 first gens left. From there 3 people have decreased it felt sort of upsetting this time but at the same time there are so many friends and juniors  I have come to rely on. Juniors are also growing and it makes me happy to see and feel that everyday. It is 7th anniversary but aim is 10th! It would be nice until then that our bonds with fans and members keep deepening.

lif0001-p4Akane: Though it is the most talked about topic, we had a concert at Toyota Stadium and the feelings I felt then, I am still passing through it and it felt nice as it met my feelings with the 7th anniversary. It would be nice if I am able to be here for the 8th anniversary too but me right now who is 23, there are already kids 10 years younger than me. I was startled when one of the 7th gens said “We are 10 years apart.” But these kids are capable of handling the future in their shoulders. “7” is also a lucky number but I want more more luck to fall down on SKE.lif0001-p5

Akari: There are lot of things I think that has helped us reach till here, seniors, the rail that was passed on to us that we took and the fans that walked along beside us. I think it would be could for this year’s resolution that if from here on, that one at a time we do activities in various places that will make us remember to those who still do not know us properly.

lif0001-p6Aya: SKE has reached 7th year but for me a 4th gen, it is my 5th year. I ham 22 and have spent 1/4th of my life in SKE but I feel like I have invested more in these 5 years then in my life. There were harsh things as well but when I think think about these 5 years were fun and I am glad SKE is there. From here onward too, I will do my best and to contribute towards the 8th year.lif0001-p7

Nao: A lot of seniors graduated and so we Juniors will also fully work hard and from here on ward in order to not mix the colors of seniors and juniors, more than ever we will work hard to bring out our own beautiful and sparkling colors.

lif0001-p8Ryouha: Though it has been less than 3 years since I entered SKE, I still have to become a person….what lol …I want to work hard to be a person who makes history with the new SKE. Please take care of me.

Rara: It has only been less than half a year since I entered SKE but it is still amazing. Even though uptil lif0001-p9now we weren’t here, us research students from here onward will work hard with our new experiences to contribute to the history of SKE. Also I will also work hard to be a person who is able to do more activities.


– Between the 6th anniversary and 7th anniversary what does everyone think are three major event that happened?

Akari: First is Rena-san’s graduation?

Jurina: That was a big wasn’t it? lol

Akane: Yeah the first gens are decreasing…

Aya: Yuasa-san returning was this year right?

Members: Ahh!

Akane: But that isn’t such a big event…

Members: Everyone roars with laughter

Aya: Ok we will put that as something extra lol. 7th gen and draft…

Akane: Becoming members?

Aya: We added new members!

Jurina: Elections too!

Nao: SKE members ranked a lot right?

Member’s agree.

Akane: That was a big thing

Jurina: Probably the biggest

– After experiencing Toyota Stadium, what is the next goal?

Akari: Not a place, or a huge place, I think we want to do a lot of small lives. We don’t want to be an existence that is far away but is close to everyone. SKE’s strength lies with our strong bonds with fans. We don’t want to reach being a big group from far away but to reach the top by being closer. Hence, we want to perform in lot of places.

Akane: Some what like Akarin, I want SKE to have a tour of the 27 prefectures.

Akari: Yes!!

Akane: Likely I will be 24, 25 by then so it would be really be difficult. We should hurry it up a bit because I want to your properly lol. It would be upsetting if the first starting members has changed a lot by the end right?

Members: Yeah.

Akane: That is why I want to do this properly. Adults, please! lol Hurry up and announce it please lol.

– Again direct appeal right?

Akane: If I say it again they might not find it amusing lol. It would be nice though if they did hear me

Jurina: It would be nice if more SKE members entered AKB senbatsu

Akari: I want to enter!

Jurina: It is lonely now that Rena-chan isn’t here. Though Sae-chan is there, I am the only pure SKE member but a lot of members ranked in this year and all of them have the power to their best. I don’t want to convey this only to SKE fans but also to other group’s fan. It would be nice if it reached them.

Akari: Yesterday we had Midnight Stage Performance!

Jurina: Sounded fun (lol)

Akari: It was! It was for those members who have become an adult. If we continue in the future there will be more who are older in the future (lol)

Akane: Please S.T.O.P. (lol)

Akari: Being an adult=getting to do that. I felt special. It was a lot of fun!

– 7th year has come but what is SKE’s biggest challenge and weakness?

Masana: We have a general popularity. Fans who come to repeatedly meet us know about but AKB is the one that is known a national idol group. I mean a lot know about us but I think is where SKE’s weakness lies. I think we are somewhat less popular with girls as well and we are not connected with all our fans. I want SKE to be a group where young people freely want to come meet us.

– And to do that what should you do?

Masana: I think we need to level up our femininity, make up, fashion sense etc. NMB is doing well. They have a modern style with their outfits and their own clothes they wear. I can clearly see the difference even though we are sister groups. I want to steal that style from NMB for SKE.

– What will you have to do up the femininity?

Masana: Of course black hair is important but in Nogizaka too there are those who look clean and trim with dyed brown hair. These it isn’t unusual to see people with dyed hair in public. It is pretty common. Maybe dye hair color brown but yeah black is important too and maybe use modern day make up. Style hair that is trendy these days. Things like that! I don’t think there are many members who opt that but I think it would be good if they did.

– In order to attract female fans, the point of all this is then?

Jurina: All the reporters are laughing (lol).

Masana: I have been looking around and ameblo and its easier to use than SKE official blog right since you can’t see other posts in the official blog without registering in it. We can do use twitter too. There we could post “Today’s portion of my clothes” or something like that.

Jurina: “Portion? (lol)

Everybody laughs

Akari: That is overemphasizing right?(lol)

Masana: It would be nice if we started that little by little

Akane: But Masana-san, as the model for “109 no Yukata”, you have posters..

Akari: Oh I have pasted a few of them!

Akane: As the posters’ were posted, didn’t you want to show a more traditional style towards the public?

Masana: Oh…yeah…

Everyone laughs

Akari: She is feeling awkward now!

– If you got the chance to increase the popularity through a show, what sort of challenge would you do there? Question to 1st, 6th and 7th gen.

Masana: I want to do something that fully challenges myself.

Akari: Me too!

Akane: let’s do it!

Ryouha: I want to do my own sort of personal challenge.

Akane: Personal? Like?

Ryouha: I have regret I wasn’t able to open myself so much during variety shows. In Ebi series, I wasn’t that confident and didn’t have the courage to put it my hand forward. This time, I will definitely put my hand forward and challenge myself.

Akane: Let’s put a bug from the amazon on in your hand!

Ryouha: Nooo~ (lol)

Everyone laughs

Akane: I want to bring in reptiles (lol)

Rara: I like exercise so I want to do dodge ball.

Jurina: So cute~ Let’s do it!

Akane: If she speaks in English at show, viewers will be like “What is this girl?” That could be her cue to probably say “This girl is an idol!”

Jurina: No one wants to talk the streets?

Akari: To broaden our image?

Jurina: Yeah! We could walk around Nagoya normally or maybe go to Hokkaido and help around people.

Akari: Ahhh

Jurina: Naturally, going to meet them is important right?

Akane: Giving coverage to a particular area

Jurina: I think it would be amazing if there was a show where we met them in person.

Akari: Introducing to people right?

Jurina: We should do something like that too.

– Like that you can come back to Nagoya hitch hiking?

Akari: That is Kaotan’s and Tani’s position (lol)

Akane: We should request them for this huh?

Akari: Everyone is good and I have confidence that we won’t be disliked.

– Furuhata-san, willing to try to suddenly do a musical in the middle of the street?

Everyone laughs

Nao: I wonder if I started dancing alone, others’ would want to dance too…

Jurina: They will probably be shocked (lol)

Nao: It will be like a lot of SKE members are there

Jurina: Interesting (lol)

– Setting would be?

Nao: Hmm the setting at first..maybe marriage? A proposal?

Jurina: I see.

Aya: We could assist someone’s proposal!

Nao: Yes!

Jurina: That sounds interesting. Support Project!

Aya: We can go to various places to support!

Jurina: Interesting!

Aya: Can’t we do Banzai Venus as the musical number?

Jurina: Sounds good!

– 3 years left for the 10th anniversary. In what form will you you want to meet the 10th year?

Jurina: In three years I want to be able to declare SKE has surpassed AKB.

– Anything concrete?

Masana: Well among other things we want to go around doing lives.

Members go ahhh and agree.

Masana: Maybe perform at Diamond Hall club?

Jurina: That is good! Would be fun!

Akari: At that time, we should all assemble.

– Like how AKB will be doing?

Akari: Yes!

– Giving out premium tickets?

Akari: We will also be able to show the change of many of the members.

– What is a thing that SKE can boast about? Something that neither AKB, NMB or HKT has?

Akari: Everyone is so over serious (lol). They are all serious when they want to achieve something. In the 48G sports festival, Team 8 won and they were really strong but we monopolized the the rankings after that. I thought at that time “This is SKE’s strong point.”

Jurina: Our merit is we look good even without make up!

Everyone laughs

Jurina: SKE is the cutest!

Akari: Jurina-san alwaaays says that. (lol)

Jurina: We show our faces without no make up practically because we wear thin make up.

– How about a live with all the members with no make up?

Jurina: We can do it!

Akane: Everyone’s make up comes off after the end of a stage show because of the sweat (lol)

Jurina: Everyone is just natural.

– That is a good thing right?

Jurina: Yeah!

Akari: Immediate reply (lol).

– That is a good direction to aim for right?

Jurina: Yup!

Akari: Idols without make-up! We can in programs one person at a time to show our non-make up face.

Akane: Amazing planning (lol).

– Within these 7 years what is something that has changed within you?

Masana: My confidence feels like it is getting lower..

Everyone: Ehhhhh?

Akane: The opposite?

Masana: When I entered, I had a lot of energy but as the time passed by there were so many things that happened, so many things that pops in my head. I just cannot follow all the thoughts in my head anymore. I don’t think my feelings have that much vigor like it used to.

– Tell us your feelings of when you first were on stage for the first time.

Jurina:  I was saying how I have a headache, stomach ace and that “I cannot appear.” (lol). I was really nervous because I felt that I wasn’t matching the rhythm with everybody else. “What if I cause trouble for everyone?” Thinking about that made me scared and gave me a stomach ache. But from the on that was not the case. The first October 5th was full of fear but the later ones became fum (lol).

Masana: “Party ga Hajimaru yo” was the stage that I experienced the most tension ever. As I entered the the stage, I was thinking how scary this was. For that stage all I felt was anxiety.

– If back then rating in terms of nervousness, it would be 10, then what about now?

Jurina: *small voice* 1….

Masana: Definitely not 1!

Everybody laughs

Masana: No matter how many times I do it, for me it would around 5?

– For our last thing, we have a sort of a small contest for our site.

Jurina: Oh!

– Please decide who out of all you 8 is a member who most resembles a rose!

Akane: Well there is someone who smells like a rose today, Jurina-san!

– Asking other members gave us a similar answer!

Jurina: Ehh? Really? So happy.

– Everyone ok with this opinion?

Masana: Ehhh…for me…its not Jurina…

Everyone laughs

Masana: I would say Nao-chan….

Jurina: Ahhh *nods head*

– Why is that?

Masana: I see her sort of walking around with a rose…

Akane: “Sort of” Nope. Nope Nope. (lol)

– What are Matsui-san and Jurina-san’s thoughts on this?

Jurina: I am happy. Probably cause I am wearing a rose perfume.

Akane: It really is a nice smell. (lol)

Jurina: Later gonna use rose body shampoo too because I heard its good for girls. Also somehow isn’t female pheromones associated with rose??

– You will be able to relax others right?

Jurina: Yeah! That is why I am happy lol. I want to be someone who relaxes others.

Akari: *sniffs herself*

Akane: You don’t smell nice huh?

Akari: Well last night I had bathed but now I probably smell like sweat from the rehearsal lol

Masana: No significance

Nao: I have always thought Rose were dignified, pretty and strong. I also hope to be something like that. In this way, I will be able to become a rose!

Jurina: Yo-you want to be a rose!?


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