(EN) [755] Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.10.05


J: I’m comebackー❤❤❤

J: Tadaimaー❤❤❤

J: And SKE 7th anniversary congratulations

F: Okaeri~! 7th anniversary congratulations !! 🎉✨ I will continue to support you on 8th year 💚
J: Thank you 😆💕✨

F: Okaeri (Welcome home)
J: Tadaima (I’m back)

J: Everybody, 8th year please treat me well 😆

J: I’m having dinner with Masana and Saru-obachan now ❤



J: Please go to 7th anniversary special stage ❤

F: Okaerinasai. Will you continue 755 from now ?
J: As much as possible 😊

F: Jurina-chan okaeri ♪ So happy !!
J: Tadaimango (=Tadaima + mango)

F: Jurichan, okaeringo (=okaeri + apple)
J: Correct ! I want someone to say okaeringo ❤

F: Eh ー🙌💦 Okaeri ー😂💝 Messa (So) surprised Σ( ̄□ ̄;)
J: Which dialect “Messa” comes from ?

F: That is one word to study. “Messa” isn’t dialect word, just a word that young people usually use recently.
J: Understood (^^) From young people…


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