(EN) [Interview] Weekly Playboy 2015 no 30


Sad but still go forward…

____This is the last time of JR (Jurina & Rena) right ?

I really sad… But if i only cry, Rena-chan will be sad because of that. I think as long as Rena-chan still go forward, we have to go forward too.

____The party scene in the MV is so impressive

The scene as the present to Rena-chan, we all decorated together, food also be brought to there, so fun. But whenever I see Rena-chan’s smile, each word, each story about SKE48 from the beginning was recalled. Suddenly my tears flow out.

 ____But in the shooting, the are many laughters right ?

Because everybody heard about Rena-chan’s graduation. Members, staffs, we all feel that we should try our best. I think it is the reason why everybody smile.

____The last, please say anything about that song.

Both lyrics and dance have the deep meaning. All member have the same feeling in the MV shooting. I will be happy if you can understand our feeling and the “meaning” of that song.


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