(EN) [Interview] Mizugi Surprise 2015

tumblr_nslctl4aBB1t4o9w1o3_1280– First shall we talk about the preliminary results?

Jurina: I was 4th. Last year, Because I was 4th as well with the final tally, I strongly felt of not wanting to be stuck here again so when the moment it was announced, unintentionally the words “frustrating” came out of my mouth. Although those feelings were an apology for disappointing the ones who voted for me, having been a rank lower in the preliminaries from last year made it even harder for me. Specially this year, until now I had never been as serious about elections as this year. However, SKE members ranked the most so I was very happy since I proclaimed on election broadcast wanting for SKE to be the most ranked group.

– What were you feeling during the morning of the elections?

Jurina: At handshake events, a lot of fans said to me “Jurina will definitely be #1.” I recieved a lot of encouraging of that sort. Words from fan are really powerful. First time I felt such power so all my worries faded away.

– And then the very day you reached the stage.

Jurina: My heart was beating so fast, rice wouldn’t pass down my throat. Even after it ended, I couldn’t eat nor the following days after that. I had never never felt this nervous for the elections.

– it showed in your expressions right? How was your mental state up in the stage?

Jurina: Because I wanted really badly for SKE members to rank, I was tensed since #80 was called out. Whenever a SKE member was called out, it became like a feeling where I wondered if it was me next.

– And then you were called at #5.

Jurina: I kept praying “Don’t call my name. Don’t call my name.” ….. but I still had a long way to go for my goal. I realized the wall to reach the top is much higher. The moment I was called, I was too upset to immediately stand, my hands had also gotten numb to the extent I didn’t think I could hold the trophy. I told myself to get a grip and made myself stand in front of the mic. I didn’t want to cry but it was impossible. Since I aim for the top, I was thinking I must be level headed. But along the way I think my feelings got changed.

– From the “BUT!“ in your speech your volume obviously increased.

Jurina; Yes, after I expressed my gratitude to my fans during the speech I realized I have to snap out of it and get pumped up so I said “I am getting all fired up.” Those were my honest feelings. I thought about it during my speech.

I wondered “Why am I getting so upset like this huh?” Probably because I want to capture the #1 spot. Until the day I do become #1, every year I will proclaim my desire for it lol

– Is that why recently you have that driving force for your activities?

Jurina: Not exactly, it’s more like the feelings that “I want to be recognized” is strong. To become #1, possibly I have to able to show myself I can be recognized.

– First time your votes crossed 100,000 votes.

Jurina: I got goosebumps. The votes also approximately increased by 14,000 compared to last year. I am really thankful for that. It was only one step further but I couldn’t be close to the top 3 .tumblr_nslctl4aBB1t4o9w1o6_1280

– You appeared with your mother in a CM, did she contact you after the elections?

Jurina: She was supporting me as she watched in the television but she called me to tell me that it was my best form till date.

– A picture of you crying while being held by Matsui Rena-san after the event was reported.

Jurina: At the next day’s concert’s MC, I came to know about the picture Rena- chan told me about being reported. After the election ended while talking to Masana, when I thought of the other SKE members ranking and I couldn’t control my tears. I was flustered. Right then, Rena-chan appeared. Talk about timing like in a drama lol. I ended up crying more. When I told her, “I’m sorry I couldn’t do my best even with Rena-chan’s share.” (I really can’t word this right but basically J is saying even with Rena-chan’s votes split up she couldn’t do her best I believe.) 

Rena-chan replied saying “I was #5 too last year so I am glad Jurina can see the view from there that I saw.”

– Earlier you said “The wall to reach the top is high.” What do you propose is good way to break down those walls?

Jurina: By not losing my focus even for a bit. Even at the event the next day, I stood with my most radiant feelings. It was a good feeling because I felt it was a me who went full out. All my sadness flew away somewhere.

– 27 members of SKE48 ranked, making it the no. 1 group with most members ranking.

Jurina: This power is not going to be finished only in this election, I want it to connect it to the future as well. Next year if there is another election, I want more SKE rankings. Then I want to shine as #1. To aim for the ultimate victory of SKE48. This fire will not be put out! It makes me happy I can receive the inextinguishable fire from the hearts of everyone.


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