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This year I will show off Nagoya’s spirit!

At the Seitansai she made a declaration to be #1 as quickly as possible. So what is her real intentions?

On March 8th of this year, at the SKE48 theater in Nagoya on her 18th seitansai, Matsui Jurina declared in a loud voice “I will become #1 in the SSK”. This was a first for Jurina.

Jurina :「It’s coming in the near future (Sousenkyo), but I made the #1 declaration. The fans told me “Thank you for saying it”. It seems like the fans feelings have all become one. At the seitansai I said ‘I want become someone who can carry the next gens on my shoulders’. Right now for me, I don’t have the, “if it’s AKB then it’s Jurina” name yet. If my name doesn’t come up like that, then I think I won’t be able to carry the next gens burdens. I also had the age restriction until I was 18, and I couldn’t do late night work, so I was never really able to appear like a full senbatsu member. But from now on my chances to show myself will grow more, and if I become #1 in the SSK I think I can become a symbolic member」

There is also another reason that made Jurina think like that. It’s because she is thinking of the close friends she has worked with these past 6.5 years.

Jurina :「Rena-chan has somehow always been looked at as my rival until now so, having that presence missing from the SSK is lonely. But because of that, now I feel like “Then I have to do this!”. But not just that, there are now only 3 people left from SKE’s first gen. The thought of “We have to show our presence!”, has become stronger. Because I hope my juniors will think “As expected, we can rely on Jurina”

Your rival Rena is not running for election so, right now who would you say is your rival?

Jurina :「Looking at just the SSK, I guess it would be Kashiwagi-san. Last year I was 4th and Kashiwagi-san was 3rd, but in the preliminary reports it was the opposite. “As expected, that’s Kashiwagi-san. She is the wall that I can’t cross”, is what I realized. And also Sashihara-san. Two years ago she got 1st, and I thought “It’s ok if even someone who is not an AKB48 member becomes 1st place”. I think that Sashihara-san’s 1st place became a really good influence to the entire HKT48 group. If I become 1st place, it will be for SKE48. So, I want to win」

There is also one more reason why Jurina is fixated on the top position. She is one step away from getting a great record if she does (win).

Jurina :「Two years ago, I won the Janken tournament. This year I got 1st place in the request hour. In events that are determined by ranks, the only one left is the SSK. If I can become 1st, the I will be able to achieve an unprecedented “triple crown”. Don’t you want to try to do something that nobody has ever done before?」

Senior members gather to hold a “war council”!

In the first 10 days of April, SKE48’s veteran members took action. Concerned about the future of the group, first generation and second generation members all gathered in the same room and had a discussion. In the 6.5 years history of SKE, this was the first time this happened. What did they talk about?

Jurina :「The name that came up for it was “war council”. We ate food with all the active 1st and 2nd gen members, as well as the recently graduated Nee-san, Nakanishi , and Airi. We’d had this plan for a while, but somehow we never were able to get around to it. Finally I brought it up and said “When will we do the war council!?”, and we were finally able to realize it. In the beginning we were just talking about stupid stuff, but then unexpectedly (Ishida) Anna said “Ok, so what do you guys think will happen with SKE48 from now on?”, so the topic was brought up, and we all seriously started talking about it. The current state of each team, how big of a presence Sae-chan has, where each of us thought the group’s place (situation) should be…… and of course, the SSK became a topic as well」For example, “What should we to so Ego-chan can rank in” and stuff (lol). Because now is the time to have Ego-chan as your oshi-men. Also, this year in SKE48, everybody is overflowing with motivation. And for me, that gives me happiness」

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Jurina, who do you think the next SKE48 centers will be?

In the middle of the interview, the topics flying out of Jurina’s mouth were nothing but SKE48. Let’s continue our conversation about the group.

Jurina :「Recently the mood of SKE48 is really good. But after we did the Nagoya Dome concerts last February, for about half a year I think the group somehow lost sight of our goals. And furthermore, there were so many members who graduated, the atmosphere of the group was as if it was covered by thick clouds. But, from about 6 months ago when each team’s individual nationwide tour started, it’s like the clouds have cleared up, and the brightness (happiness) has come back to everyone’s faces」

Becoming more interested in the junior members, and going to the musical 『AKB49~Renai Kinshi Jouretsu~』

Jurina :「I think it was a big experience for everybody. It looked so fun, I also wanted to appear in it. In my impression, there was not even one bad point in it. Nao-chan’s acting had a good sense of stability, I realize she has arrived. Countless times I also had tears for Ryoha’s growth. Right now both of them have motivation, and their status is hot (rising).The place where they can show their own charms is not just in the theater, on top of that the team’s awareness of their rivals has grown, and now they can say “I won’t lose to that other team!”. The light of the individual, the light of the team. Like this the light of the entire group can become stronger as well」

Focusing more closely on the group’s growth, this kind of plan is pictured.

Jurina :「This is just a personal opinion, but for the next singles centers, it’s good to choose (from) Nao-chan, Ego-chan, and Ryoha-chan. Even if my position goes is in the back, it’s ok if it is for SKE’s sake」

The Jurina who believes in SKE’s bright future more than anyone, has adopted a magnificent goal. That is, something that SKE has never done in a SSK before.

Jurina :「The goal we have as a group is to surpass AKB48 in the number of members who rank in. That has been a goal we have had since the beginning. In the lessons in early days, Makino Anna-sensei recommended that to us, but we have not been able to achieve it yet. But, if it is in the SSK, I think the possibility (to surpass AKB) exists. Of course, I know that just doing that does not mean we can overtake AKB. But, if we realize that goal, then people can say “Then maybe you can surpass AKB in other things as well”. I still believe in that possibility. I felt the vigor (strength) of HKT last year. But, for the people who remember the old SKE48 and say “Those times were nice, weren’t they”, I want to make them turn around and see us now. For that reason, I need to show off Nagoya’s spirit in the SSK」

Unusually, Jurina has gotten fired up. The SSK is the best event in which to show SKE48’s vigor (strength). Jurina feels that response from inside the group, and also from the passionate fans as well.


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