(EN) [755] Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.26


Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.26

Good morning~ 👋😆✨☀ Today, I’m taking it easy💛


F: Apricot jam is good too~ but it’s too minor 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 (ie. doesn’t sound as good as other fruits)

J: I like apricots 💓♥❤


Everybody, thank you for all the jam candidates 😌😌😌  I’ll reference them~❤❤❤ I want to make them all~🎵


F: You are talking about jam a lot so now I’m hungry~😊✨🍴

J: Now I’m hungry too~😂😂😂


Let’s do our best today too~ 😆😆😆




F: On the SKE mobile site, you were able to appear with the other members in the 『🔴 days until the SSK‼️』‼️ When I accessed it at once (the first time) it was Jurina‼️‼️‼️😊 Isn’t that cool‼️‼️

J: I’m happy ❤ With this, everybody will get into the fighting spirit more and more 💪


F: If you become 1st in the SSK, it would be great to have a hard dance song that will show Jurina’s sharp (skillful) dancing ⤴ A bright song that has Jurina’s personality😆  I want to see that (≧▽≦)✨

J: My dreams will get bigger ❤❤❤ I’ve secretly aimed to stand as the center in a dance song✨✨✨✨


English Translation: wimu33 [Source (Stage 48)]



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