(EN) [755] Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.25


Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.25

Good morning 💛
Today too let’s do our best 😉😉❤


F: What are you doing? (^o^)
J: I’m in the middle of going somewhere😣  I’m sleepy😪💤💤


F: It’s hard~💦😖💦  Is it true that if you don’t become 1st place you will have to ride a roller coaster 🎢 with your mom as a punishment!? We definitely won’t let that happen to you❗❗ Whatever happens let’s become 1st💛💛💛  Instead of Jurina-chan, I’ll ride the rollercoaster with your mom, just kidding 😁 lol
J: Thanks~😂😂😂 During the press conference they asked me what would I do if I didn’t become 1st?  All of a sudden what came to mind was the rollercoasters that I’m really bad with😣😣😣  Why did I say that…😵😵😵 My mom was with me at the time… They said “by all means take your mom too”, so I answered “if it happens then (ok)“😉


Let’s not think what will happen if I don’t get 1st 😏😏😏


F: If Jurina is 1st, and in the 16 senbatsu there are 7 others who rank in, that would be the best❗ Even though its an AKB senbatsu, half are SKE 😆 During the prelims, including Jurina there were 6 members who ranked in✨  Right now we still aren’t being let down, but let’s have fun and do our best.  (Lets work hard) in order for even one more SKE member to rank in the top💕 32 (*≧∀≦*)
J: Aim for half SKE😍


F: I want Jurina to be 1st, but I kind of want to see the scared Jurina & mom riding a roller coaster… 😏 (lol)
J: Hey hey!! I don’t think it will get to that level of fear though…


F: I wanted to see Jurina and Rena have a 1st and 2nd place battle…
J: Me too, I wanted to become 1st and 2nd with Rena-chan one day


F: If you become 1st then will you go on a happy rollercoaster ride??
J: Hey! In that case there’s no meaning to it 😣


F: If everybody was SKE that would be good too😉
J: Of course 😌  Then, it would be an SKE single hehe


F: Have you ridden the White Cyclone?
J: I’ve never ridden a rollercoaster😣 Well, actually I can’t ride them… Every time, at Nagashima Superland, the small ones that the kids ride… they’re not scary so I ride them hehe


F: When everybody goes, the kids who can’t ride and the kids who can ride get separated and you have to worry about others (?)
J: When I was in elementary school trips, it was like that😭


F: If you go to a haunted house just once, you won’t be afraid of rollercoasters anymore😊✨  After I went to one once, I can do anything that makes you scream (like rollercoasters…) 🙌
J: I can’t do either. It’s scary… 😣😣😣


F: Then 🐥🐥 ← you should use these ❤️
J: Oh! you have good sense 😂😂😂


F: Oh really! Jurina had the image that you would say “everybody, let’s ride them~!” (lol)
J: They say that to me a lot!! They say it looks like I’d like them (rollercoasters) 💧💧


F: But rollercoasters are fun!! It’s a shame (you can’t ride them) hehe. Jurina-chan, if you go to the amusement park, what do you ride?
J: The coffee cup ride ☕, the merry go round 🎠, and the ferris wheel 🎡


F: Jurinacchi, what are you doing now? I’m out with my grandma drinking tea now
J: That’s lovely.  I’m doing a shoot until tonight 🎥🎤


F: Jurina ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾ Is the chair swing ride also impossible for you~❓💓
J: That one, I can just barely ride 😵


F: Isn’t that one pretty scary? If you don’t become 1st it’s gonna be difficult! You need that kind of readiness
J: That’s true!!!!



ReTalk from Yuatan:

F: Jurina’s mango jam😋
Y: (^O^)

F: Jurina’s mango jam… I’m jealous😭
Y: It’s delicious (^O^)

F: Was Jurina-chan’s jam good?
J: It feels like the ingredients are alive (^O^)

F: Yuatan, did you receive jam from Jurina?? You’re so lucky~💓💓
J: (^O^)


F: Jurina, congrats on 10 million watches‼️
J: Yay~😍


F: Congrats on 10 million watches ㊗🎉👏 Let’s aim for 1st in the SSK with this kind of vigor~👍
J: Let’s go~✨✨✨


When my work finished, and I opened up (755), my watches had passed 10 million ❤ I’m happy😆🍀
To commemorate my 10 million watches✨, I’m going to take a 2shot with my mom💛💛💛



F: Will you make a jam to commemorate your 10 million watches❔😄
J: That sounds nice😻😻😻 I wonder what kind of fruit is good?


F: It’s really cute that both of you are matching bags and pants😄  You look like twins who were matching😄
J: The bag is a present for mothers day 👜❤


F: You’re cute sisters (^^)
J: Were mother and daughter…💦


What kind of jam should I make?


F: Orange jam Orange jam Orange jam Orange jam Orange jam Orange jam Orange jam Orange jam is really good
J: Orange huh…🍊


F: Congrats🎉 Just a standard strawberry jam😅

J: The first one I made was strawberry😆


F: Apple jam.  I made some earlier~💓
J: Apple is nice🍎


F: Jam-ojisan (Jam-older man)❤️
J: At least, make it Jam-oneesan (Jam-older sister)😣


F: It has to be a blueberry jam❗️ That would be the best if you mix it with yoghurt
J: Blueberry was the 2nd jam I made 😋


English Translation: wimu33 [Source (Stage48)]



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