(EN) [755] Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.24


Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.24

Good morning 🎵🎵🎵


F: Jurina-chan😁 Good morning ☀ Are you awake?

J: I’m awake 😆


F: Jurina~💟 Next week, I’m going to the Tokyo handshake event~💟 「from Shiori」💟

J: Nice~😉 I’ll be waiting 💛


F: Cute cute cute Jurina-chan good morning (*´∀`)♪ Today I have work too so I want you share your energy ♪ Jurina-chan, please give us your smile

J: Thanks✨ Today, I just saw Dragonball so… to everyone Genkidama~✴



I wore the 12-gatsu no Kangaroo costume for the first time in a while😆


F: Jurina-chan you’re cute☺️♥️ But it looks hot😄💦 please make sure to rehydrate💡

J: It’s hot~ ☀ Outside was crazy😣


F: Juritan, I’m Kuma-chan who went to your handshake event 4 times this morning👋👋👋🐻🐻🐻 I’m really happy you remembered me🙌🙌🙌🎉🎉🎉✌✌✌  Please take care of me on the individual handshakes on July 5th as well!  On my way back, I went to Umaya for the first time👏👏👏👏👏  I ate the special ramen and chahan🍜 Just like you said the chahan was really, really good😆😆😆  I also made a point card too💃💃💃

J: I’m happy everybody’s going to Umaya🎵🎵🎵


F: 😊Good morning😊  😁☁😁☁☁😁☁😁  ☁😁☁😁😁☁😁☁  😁☁😁☀☀😁☁😁  ☁😁☀🌻🌻☀😁☁  ☁😁☀🌻🌻☀😁☁  😁☁😁☀☀😁☁😁  ☁😁☁😁😁☁😁☁  😁☁😁☁☁😁☁😁

J: You’re waking up too late hehe


I went to meet everybody on a bike 🚲❤


F: Happy new year~

J: Eh~ 😱



Like this, on my break I went to meet everybody~ 😍

Today’s handshake was fun too😂😂😂 Little kids came a lot so I was healed~💛💛💛

Everybody, thank you very much😉😉😉


F: Jurina, thanks for your hard work👍  Today was fun👍 Thanks😊

J: Thanks


F: I’m going to the Umaya in Tajimi ♪ (a small city about 1 hr. from Nagoya)

J: Nice✨😍✨ Today, there are a lot of people going to Umaya so I’m happy🎵😍🎵


F: The Jurina riding a bike looks like she’s having fun 😁💓

J: It was fun, but it was hot~😵😵😵 Everybody, thank you (for coming) when it was so hot😆💕✨


F: Can an old man come too (T_T)

J: Of course 😉


Today it’s with Churi 🎵



F: I wonder if you’re still working hard at your job? Thank you for the hard work today! Always thank you ♪

J: I finally calmed down😣  I have to sleep soon~!!!


F: Is an old woman ok too?

J: Of course😆😆😆


F: Jurina came back so I’m going to sleep~! I also have to go to work tomorrow morning (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) I’m also somehow busy with work now, but the Jurina that I love is working hard, so when I get back home I’m going to work hard at voting for you! Because I have to properly vote for you during this time limit before the elections (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Alright!

J: Thanks✨ Let’s all work hard together until the end~😻😻😻


F: I was fighting against this thing called hunger, but it looks like I’m going to lose

J: I, already lost hehe😥😥


The swimmer Hagino Kousuke is on tv now!! We were able to appear on tv together before, it brings back memories😆  I hope he wins✨


F: If I sleep six more times it will be the 2shot event

J: It’s like (when they say) how many more times do I have to sleep before it becomes New Years Day hehe 😆


F: I want to go to Jurina’s lane with 4 people again 😔💕

J: I’m waiting for you✋


F: Jurina’s firmly appearing on Ongaku no Jikan❗️ Cute❗️

J: Whoa😂


I put on Ongaku no Jikan!!

Just at the right time😍


F: Good evening Jurina-chan└(^o^)┘ Tomorrow is my Japanese test, I’m nervous ╯﹏╰

J: Good luck ❗❗


F: Thanks for your hard work. I wonder what kind of job it was? I’ll be looking forward to it!

J: It’s still a secret🙊 please look forward to it~😃✌


F: I wonder if you’re gonna sleep yet? Good night

J: I’m waiting for the bath to get ready😌♨


F: I want to meet Jurina-chan💕 Is it ok if I go to the handshake event~?💕✨

J: Its ok❤❤❤


F: Jurina-chan~ Thanks for your hard work today~ Good night😚

J: Thank you 😂 Sweet dream💛


F: Jurina I want to meet you ✨😊 Is it ok for two girls to come too?

J: Of course 😘


F: Right now there are potato chips in front of me, its really hard… I wonder how can I control myself… lol

J: Only think about me😉


F: I want to go to the handshake event~! The last time with Jurina was about 3 years ago!? That’s crazy~. Insufficient Jurina lol

J: Hurry up and come~😂😂😂 Recently there’s a lot of people who are coming for the first time in a while🎵🎵🎵 Please come see the 18 year old me😆


F: I wonder if Juritan’s reply won’t come… Is what I’m thinking while waiting (lol)

J: It came✨ Thank you for waiting 😌😌😌


F: Thank you for your hard work in working so late😄  Tomorrow you have to wake up early right? Please prepare what you will wear tomorrow and quickly go to sleep😊💤💕

J: Ok~~😍😍😍😍


F: This year is I’m 19 so, I’m really looking forward to having a lot of fun the last year I’ll be a teenager (>_<)

J: Have fun😉


F: You said only think of me so already Jurina is in my head so much it’s gonna burst😭 lol

J: Kya~😍😍😍


F: Jurina, be careful not to fall asleep while you’re taking a bath!! Good night ♪♪(/ω\*)

J: Thanks✨ The bath is ready so, after I take it I’m gonna sleep soon😉


Everybody, thank you for the warm comments✨ Tomorrow, or should I say today I’m gonna be able to work hard 😆👍❤ Good night😌🌃💤



English Translation: wimu33 [Source (Stage48)]


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