(EN) [755] Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.23


Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.23

Good Morning 😂




F: Jucchan 😚💕 Did you put extensions❔

J: They weren’t extensions 😥 They were fake hair that you could put on with a pin and take off 😉


F: Jurina are you in Kyoto now!? I can’t go to the handshake event, but just hearing you came to Kyoto somehow makes me happy (T ^ T) I want to see you~ (T ^ T)
J: SKE’s handshake event is now in Kyoto~✨ Recently, SKE has had a lot of handshakes in Kyoto… so you still have more chances 😏 I’ll be waiting for you next time 😃✌


F: Jurina, what do you do in your house? Are you feeling good today?
J: Recently, I’ve been getting into making jam 😉


F: Good morning Jurina~ (`◇´)ゞ Are you going to do twin tails today too?
J: I can’t do it by myself 😣😣😣


F: I was born in Kyoto, I was raised in Kyoto, and I live in Kyoto🎶 If you have time please eat in Gion 👍 it’s delicious!!
J: That sounds nice 💛


F: What is the flavor of the best jam you’ve made so far? (゜ロ゜)
J: Strawberry 🍓


F: Makiko ReTalked the picture of your twin tails 👍👍
J: Nice 😆🎶


F: Is it ok if I also call you Juririn? lol
J: Umm… what should I do… because Miruki is the only one who says it 😏😏😏


F: I’m wondering what kind of t-shirt I should wear today. I wonder if the birthday T is good, or if the Request Hour Suzukake T is good, or if the Only Sakae T is good (^∀^)ノ
J: I’ll be happy with all of them 🎵😍🎵 From my birthday T and Suzukake T to… the Only Sakae T lol


F: I’m certain you gave Masana a special jam as a present right!!
J: Yes 😆 She said ‘it’s the same one as Haruna-san got’ so she was happy hehe


F: I ate ice cream from this morning~ 😂 I wan’t to eat the shinkansen strawberry 🍓 ice cream~
J: It was a limited item, so it seems like it’s gone… 😭


F: Jurichan do your best for the SSK! Its cool you’re making jam! What kind of jam are you making? ヽ(゚、。)ノ
J: Thank you very much 😂 This time, I made mango jam 💛 I made a lot of it 🎵🎵🎵


F: Juritan, what flavor of pancake do you like?
J: Butter and maple syrup ✨


F: I wonder what kind of nails you will do today?
J: Recently, I haven’t done anything~ 😵


F: SKE has the majority of rank-ins. That is my goal.
J: It is my goal as well 😌😌😌


F: Acchan calls you Juriko, right⁉️😍  Can I call you Juriko~⁉️😍😍

J: That, only Maeda-san can do 😉 I want to see the movie~🎵🎵🎵


F: I’m going to bring my friend to the 6th section (of the handshake event) ♡ Little by little I’ve been bringing my friends to Jurina, to see if even only one will become really crazy about you, I’ve been experimenting (lol)
J: Thanks 😆💕✨ I’ll be waiting 😻


F: Right now, are you having fun❓
J: Right now I’m on break 😪 If it starts, it will be fun 💛


F: Jurina, do you have a plan to meet Mariko-sama~? 👀💭
J: I do 🎵 To eat food and stuff 😍😍😍


F: Matsui Jamuna-san, hello 🎵
J: hehe I’m not the Jam-ojisan (older man), I’m the Jam-oneesan (older sister) 😉


F: I want to see Initiation Love
J: I want to see it ❤


F: I was healed by Jurina and I’m feeling warm now~ \(^o^)/ Again at the 5th section~??
J: Just wait a little~ 😆🎵


Thank you very much for today 😆



Ikkimuchi 😻


F: Today, I saw Jurina’s poster in the train. The one with the phone! It was cute! o(`^´*)
J: I’m happy 🎵🎵🎵


F: What does Ikkimuchi mean?
J: It means SKE’s 1st generation 😆


F: Jurina donuts❤️

J: That’s right 😌 I have this image of Kyoto having a lot of delicious sweets, so I tried wearing donuts💛


F: As I thought Ikkimuchi is the best ♪ 14 years old from Nagasaki
J: Thanks 😂


F: Ikkimuchi’s picture turned out really good! Did you use the Galaxy?
J: Of course, the GalaxyS6 😆😆😆


F: I love yatsuhashi’s (a sweet made in Kyoto) skin!! ٩( ‘ω’ )و
J: Me too 😍


F: I can really calm down with Jurina’s singing voice ☺️
J: I’m really happy 😂 I’ll do my best 💪


F: Jurina 😆 Isn’t today “Kiss Day”~❔Churi put up a picture on twitter of Rena-chan giving her a kiss~! Jurina you said Rena-chan is your wife but Rena-chan has an arrow going to Churi~ (゜∀゜) What? Eh? Is this a love triangle!? hehe
J: I guess so…😣


F: The national handshake event doesn’t have a live event or anything right (;´д`)
J: It doesn’t~😵😵😵 But, please still come~💦💦💦


Tomorrow there will also be a handshake event at Nagoya, please come and support us💛Everybody, please come~ 😂😂😂
Well then, good night 🌃✨


English translation: wimu33 [Source (Stage48)]



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