(EN) [755] Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.21


Matsui Jurina 755 – 2015.05.21

F: Good morning Jurina. Lets work hard today too!!
J: Good morning✨ Your lovely drawing (avatar) makes me happy 😆


F: Good morning (^O^) Today Pisces-san (the constellation) said 『The chance to change yourself has arrived. Be aware and make a detailed plan for your future.』♪ One more time, from this strong morning let’s announce 『I want to be 1st!!』!! Because if not then the relaxed Jurina-oshi’s may return (^_-) Today too, faito ☆〃
J: Thank you very much✨ A future plan huh… every time it’s the same but, I feel like the SSK and my future… from now on are going to be connected to each other. Last year, when I got 4th place I was able to do the things I wanted to do and… I was able to get closer to my goals and my dreams!! Because of everybody’s support, this past year I was able to do great things✨ This year, I turned 18 so the amount of work I can do has grown!! To the 18 year old me, please give me a chance too!!


ReTalk from Yuatan:

F: In my own memory, I think『I will become 1st in this years SSK!』was first said at last year’s SSK by Jurina. There are a lot of members I want to become 1st, but the one that came to my mind first this time was Jurina. If I say it clearly, I think breaking down the wall of the top 3 will be really difficult. But, I have the feeling that if it’s Jurina she can do it. It’s still from now on isn’t it!
Y: It’s not over yet (^O^) Thank you!


F: (Team) K’s theater show is coming up isn’t it! Let’s have a fun show! I’ll be watching it on the LOD~😁
J: Thank you✨ It’s the last show with Shihorin 😣 It’ll be lonely but, I want to have fun so there won’t be any regrets!! In order for it to be a lovely performance✨

F: Today is Miruki’s last theater show with SKE… it’s not like she is graduating, but it’s going to be lonely >_<
J: That’s true… somehow we weren’t able to appear together… I really wanted to stand on the stage with her in the end… I wish I could make two of myself 😭😭😭 Everybody, in my place please cheer her on 😣


F: Earnestly do your best and go for it!
J: Ok!! It’s been a while since the last TeamK performance, so I’ll do my best ;)😉


Shihorin’s graduation show was really lovely✨✨✨ I won’t be able to forget the smiles of her fans!! I saw everybody’s warmth today, and once again I was able to feel all that Shihorin has built up 😌 I’m happy that I was able to perform in such a lovely graduation show✨ Thank you very much 😆



F: Thank’s for your hard work (o^^o) So you sent a message to Miruki’s sending away event too huh 😊 
J: You know, really, I wish I could have two bodies… 😣 that it ended up being only a message, I’m really really sorry 😭 But, I’m happy because it seems that Miruki’s farewell theater show was really lovely 😂




Miruki’s cute 💛


F: It’s great you could appear in the Team S and K’s theater shows two days in a row. Thanks for the hard work, please rest your body ❤️
J: I already have muscle pain 😰


F: Miruki and Masana were struggling with each other for Ego-chan ♪
J: I wanted to see that~ 😵😵😵

F: For Jurina, what kind of existence (impression) does Miruki have~?✨
J: A soothing existence✨ When I’m being nervous and stuff… Miruki notices it and with a kind voice tells me that it’ll be ok 💛 Somehow I feel like if Miruki tells me it will be ok, I can think that actually something good will happen!! When I’m in a hurry and I don’t have a lot of composure, even if Miruki is just close by me, I can calm down and… umm… you all understand right?? hehe Anyway, the atmosphere that Miruki has is amazing 😻


F: Jurina thanks for your hard work ☺️ It’s good that you could appear in a K performance after so long 💕 Next is the seitansai ☺️💕✨
J: That’s true 😉;)


F: I like the way Shihorin says Jucchan 😊
J: I like it too 😆


F: Do your best at tomorrows Music Station~!! But Rena-chan hurt her leg so it seems like she won’t appear, I wonder if she’s ok~?!
J: Eh~!! It’ll be lonely… I wonder if she’s ok… I’m worried… 😭


F: Jurina you were awake❗❗❗❗❗❗ I thought you dozed off (?) 😅😅😅 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
J: Instead, my adrenalin is….


F: Jurina-chan, please take care of Miyuki-chan from now on too 😌💓 Thank you for being kind to Miyuki-chan! I’m grateful 😌💓
J: Of course 😉 ;) From now on, please support her 💛💛💛


F: Look at my avatar❗lol
J: Is this it~!! The struggle for Ego-chan hehe I’m trying to figure out who the member behind them is… hehe


Miruki is doing a lot of ReTalks 🎵🎵🎵


F: Ego-chan is everybody’s angel ♪
J: That is correct!


Even Inoue Kozou-san (reporter) did a ReTalk (of what she said about Miruki)!!! I’m surprised 😲 I’m happy ✨


F: Tonight already as expected Jurina you used up all your strength and maybe fell asleep. Right? lol
J: I was a wake!! I finally prepared to go to sleep 😣 Today, I had a lot of muscle pain and I was moving clumsily 😥


F: Jurina, for tomorrow’s Music Station, did you already decide your hairstyle?
J: I’m worrying about it now…


F: Soon, it will be time to sleep huh 💤 Can you still continue (stay up)? 🔥
J: I’m gonna sleep now hehe





Oyasu-miruki~😪 Even if it’s just in a dream, (I’ll pray/wish) in order to perform in the theater together with Miruki 🌠


English Translation: wimu33 [Source (Stage48)]
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