Project Details :

On last year Project, we did a message-photo book (click), and it cost very high expenses (print as photo), so for this year, I decide to do only "message book" to save money. The concept is similar to last year. You can send a short message online to me, and then Jyuritale will collect them and put those messages together into a book. To reduce high expenses of shipping to Japan, I will send it by my own in Japan (as I have a plan to visit Japan next month). Therefore, this project has to be finished before 2 or 3 February 2016.

Conditions :

- Maximum length of messages is 40 words (flexible : +5) (because the card is very small)

[if you really want to send long message, so please separate it into 3 parts and submit 3 times with 3 different styles of template]

- Write in English or Japanese only (no EN to JP translation for you because lacking translator, so please use easy words and write it simply)

- Please write properly and clearly

- Your personal contact is not allowed to be in your message (e.g. contact number, Line ID)


Visual Concept : (step by step)



Template Styles : 



Submission Period :

2016.01.21 - 2016.01.31

(Japan Timezone)


Example :


Process Status :

2016-01-06 : Opened discussion for a birthday project

2016-01-17 : Decided what to do for the project

2016-01-19 : Announced the project's details and page

2016-01-21 : Opened for message's submission from fans

2016-01-31 : Closed for message's submission from fans

2016-02-02 : Finished printing process


2016-02-14 : Sent finished project to Jurina's seitansai team in Japan


2016-05-31 : Jurina's Seitansai Stage, Japanese Seitansai Team already passed the book to Jurina
                            (Our project is The one that opened behind the blue hat)


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Contact us : JYURITALE

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For Indonesian Details, you can contact "Matsui Jurina Daisuki Indonesia"

Twitter : Matsui Jurina Daisuki