In 2016 Sousenkyo, Jurina got the 3rd rank with 112,341 votes.
She can smile on the stage, that's make us very happy.

However, we won't stop right here!

Jurina still aim higher and higher to the top!

and that's why her dream for the next Sousenkyo is to be NO.1 !!

Everyone, please support Jurina together!


Message from JYURITALE

               Matsui Jurina, a girl who is an idol in SKE48 and AKB48 Group since she was only 11 years old because that's her dreams.

               As Jurina had been put on the center position from the beginning, that's make people think that this girl have to be good in everything. However...Does anyone know? how much pressure that Jurina have to face. but... "Because I'm Matsui Jurina. Because I have my fans who always support me. Therefore, it will be alright"

               Idol and fans have to walk along. If no fans, those girls who have dream will be unable to catch their dreams.

              Don't question. Don't regret in everything that you intend to do. Don't waste your time to find out the answer why we have to do this or what we will get from this. Close your eyes and imagine that you're happy to do, you're willing to do, that's it. Just do your best and you won't be disappointed and blame yourself that why didn't you try harder to send Jurina to higher and higher place.

             The picture of Jurina's tear when Jurina is hurt still remind us. Therefore, in this year, we will do our best, do all of everything we can do to bulid the stair for Jurina to climb to her dream.




" Support MATSUI JURINA to be NO.1 "








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